SCUM is a survival game edited by famous Devolver studio (Hotline Miami).
The game is now available for early access on Steam in its pre-alpha version.

SCUM is a mix between Battle Royale and classic survival and can remember DayZ but…
This is NOT a Battle Royale, and thanks for that!

I LOVE this kind of games but this is not a point, especially when it can destroy some major game aspects.


No shrinking zone, no rush, alomost nobody in this persistent world.
The nature is wild and dense. The sound is everywhere.


Your character is ruled by its own metabolism:
You need to eat, drink, stay dry, warm and fully stuffed!
You can be ill. Drown yourself with a heavy backpack. Follow blood and prints of a targeted animal.
You can also die, and lost everything.


This is not the only twist:
The whole experience is a TV Show happening in a near future.
This TV show hosts drones, live events and will reveal its power thru multiple updates to come.
I even heard about in-game surgery and a lot of surprising elements.


I’m starting my character today and will stream as much as possible on Twitch (SCUM was more streamed than Fornite on release day).

MAP: 12km x 12km
PLAYERS: 64/Server